biogriculture Ltd. was founded in 2019 and currently serves as a shell for the further development of the business model. Ownership of biogriculture Ltd. is shared equally by thetwo founders. The corporate goal of biogriculture is to drive the expansion of organic farming through intelligent automation, while also opening up new growth and market potential for conventionally working farmers through robotics.

The next step is to focus on the further development of the prototype, particularly with regard to the control components, and on attracting investors for an initial pilot series. Competitive protection exists as a result of the patent applications (European Union, USA and China) for the method of weedcontrol by means of marking the cropzones, the method of applying and recovering the markings and the method of detecting the cropzones. The European Patent Office has already indicated in the application that it will recognize the core elements of the application. Based on the described drivers in the customer benefits of our process, we want to position ourselves initially in the main sales markets of the EU and the USA. In these markets, labor costs and demand for organic products are high and continue to rise. On the one hand, the patent rights in China strategically open up the development of this market - depending on future market developments - and potentially protect us against patent infringements.